A group of Flagship Clubhouse members gather around a green table to work on a project.

Mission & Vision

The Clubhouse mission is to provide a creative and safe out-of-school learning environment where young people from underserved communities work with adult mentors to explore their own ideas, develop new skills, and build confidence in themselves through the use of technology. Learn more.

Justice Icon

Racial Justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Clubhouse Network is a global, anti-racist, youth-serving organization. We are committed to valuing and centering the voices of young people who are most impacted by the intersections of oppression, including, but not limited to, structural racism. Learn more.

Clubhouse History

The Clubhouse Network has a rich history extending back to our beginnings at the Computer Museum in 1993. We’ve since expanded across the globe to more than 100 Clubhouses in 20 countries serving over 25,000 youth. Explore our history.

Learning Model

Our unique learning model is designed to empower youth from all backgrounds to become more capable, creative, and confident learners. Learn more.

Sponsors and Partners

The Clubhouse Network is grateful to all of the sponsors and partners that make our work possible.

Network Staff

Meet our caring and talented Network Staff as well as those operating the Flagship Clubhouse in Boston.

Board of Directors

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, The Clubhouse Network is accountable to a Board of Directors who guide and oversee our work. Get to know our board members.

Financial Information

View The Clubhouse Network’s annual report and financial information.