Meet our caring and talented Network Staff as well as those operating the Flagship Clubhouse in Boston.

Network Staff

Lisa Cook

Executive Director


Kerry Akashian

Director of Technical Assistance & Global Programs

Jeff Arthur

Innovation Manager

Matt Burke

Community Manager

Brendan Casey

Associate Director, Program Operations

Alberto Castro

Technology Support Associate


Molly Halsey

Event Specialist

Charlotte Huffman

Youth Leadership Program Manager


Jae Hughes

Project Coordinator


Mischa Kegan

Community Manager


Josh Lim

Community Manager

René Milet Hernández

Evaluation and Impact Program Manager

Jennifer Miller

Senior Marketing Manager

Jason Petersen

Senior Technology Manager

Cassandra Rivera

Cassandra Rivera

Mentor Program Manager

Flagship Staff

Ambria Coakley

Flagship Coordinator (part-time)

Tamara Fils-Aime

Tamara Fils-Aime

Flagship Program and Pathways Manager


Aanab Nehela

C2C Coordinator