The Clubhouse impact over 30 years has been deeply felt. Learn more in these independent research findings.

As The Clubhouse approaches its 30th anniversary, its leaders engaged the consulting firm Informing Change to assess the impact of Clubhouses on current youth members and alumni and to hear their reflections on how their Clubhouse experiences have affected their lives.


“At The Clubhouse, I learned how to better talk to people, better solve problems, and inspire other people to be creative.”


I am more motivated to pursue my passions in life. 90%

I understand more about what career paths I want to pursue. 85%

I am clearer about my passions and interests. 76%

I have an increased belief in my own potential. 92%

I have an increased commitment to my education. 83%

Mental Health Matters: At a time when adolescent mental health issues are a concern around the world, Clubhouse youth report they feel safe, a sense of belonging, and support from their peers, pointing to an important role Clubhouses have played throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Clubhouse allowed me to open up and not worry about making a mistake or needing help. It was the perfect environment for me to grow and reflect on what I needed as a person.”


For nearly 30 years, Clubhouses have encouraged creativity and imagination by providing space for members to explore creative outlets and use the latest technology. Members have reliable access to the digital world, and grow tech skills they need to be successful in work and life. The Clubhouse helps bridge the digital divide.


I have improved collaboration skills. 85%

I have Improved communication skills. 83%

I will be able to get the kind of job I want in the future because of my Clubhouse participation. 90%

I have improved creativity and design thinking skills. 83%

I am now equipped with the technology skills I will need to be successful in my future career because of my Clubhouse participation. 90%

Data cited here are drawn from (a) a survey of 1,012 members  from 95 Clubhouses in 17 countries (January- February 2022); (b) a survey of 195 alumni (former members) from 67 Clubhouses in 18 countries (October-November 2021); and (c) five focus groups (3 in US, 2 in Latin America) with 35 alumni (April-October 2021). All of these were carried out by independent evaluation consulting firm, Informing Change.

Download the 2022 Youth Impact Survey Report by Informing Change

Download the 2022 Alumni Network Survey Report by Informing Change

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Download “Growth and Transformation,” A PDF brochure containing highlights from our recent Youth Impact and Alumni Network survey reports.