Interested in youth, creative self-expression, and global community?

The Clubhouse Network seeks talented professional staff who are motivated by our mission and committed to youth, creative self-expression, and global community. We value professionalism, opportunity, and diversity in our workplace, and are proud of our reputation as a safe haven for youth, a reputation that has been earned over 25+ years of working in under-served communities around the world.

Current Openings

Finance Manager
The Clubhouse Network, Roxbury, MA, USA

Summary: The Finance Manager will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day finances for The Clubhouse Network. Responsibilities include bookkeeping, creating regular budget reports, managing accounts payable, and overseeing the financial systems. The Finance Manager will also be responsible for keeping and maintaining accurate financial records, working closely with vendors and partners, and managing grant reporting requirements. The Finance Manager will also assist with special events, helping with logistics, data management and additional responsibilities as necessary.
Posted 7/25/19

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Flagship Clubhouse Mentor Program Coordinator
The Flagship Clubhouse, Roxbury, MA, USA

Summary: The Flagship Clubhouse seeks a creative youth worker to coordinate The Flagship Clubhouse’s participation in IMPACTS (Increasing Mentor Participation and Commitment to Success) 2.0, a national program designed to strengthen the effectiveness of mentors within individual Clubhouse communities and across the Network. The Mentor Program Coordinator will conduct community outreach, recruit mentors, and build partnerships to identify adults from diverse backgrounds to provide guidance and serve as role models to youth. The Coordinator will provide start-up and ongoing support to ensure mentor effectiveness and retention, and participate actively in The Flagship Clubhouse as a mentor and role model. The Coordinator will also contribute to a national community of practice, in particular with respect to mentoring boys and young men of color.
Posted 7/19/19

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Teen Tech Center Coordinator
Boys & Girls Clubs of Hudson County, Jersey City, NJ, USA

Summary: The Best Buy Teen Tech Center is an interactive, drop-in, place where teens are using a “learn by design” approach. The space is designed for teens to collaborate and experiment with technology. The Best Buy Teen Tech Center provides support and resources for young people to pursue their interests and build upon their talents. In the Teen Tech Center, youth can create their own music, digital art, robots, computer games, crafts, and animation using professional level technology. Working in conjunction with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hudson County team of professional staff and volunteer mentors, the Coordinator will be a primary contact for youth after school and during evening hours and summer. Schedule will vary and will include daytime, evening, and weekend hours.
Posted 8/6/19

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Best Buy Teen Tech Center Career Coordinator
Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix, AZ, USA

Summary: The Best Buy Teen Tech Center Career Pathways Coordinator is responsible for an ongoing year round program with Grammy Museum. Will be responsible for teaching different step by step curriculum to a group of teens. Will be directly teaching hands on activities and lessons and providing the guidance needed for questions that apply to the content that is being taught to the group to confirm the group’s understanding of what they have learned from the program. The curriculum consists of Electronic Music Production, Audio Engineering and Video Production.
Posted 7/31/19

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Outreach and Assistant Coordinator
Gold Crown Foundation, Lakewood, CA, USA

Summary: The Gold Crown Foundation seeks an individual to co-facilitate an innovative after school program, The Clubhouse: Where Technology Meets Imagination. We are seeking candidates that have the curiosity and willingness to learn new skills and challenge themselves and others. The Clubhouse is an open learning model where youth work on individual projects based on their interests. During after school hours, you’ll find yourself assisting youth with graphic design, audio production, 3D printing, robotics, sewing projects, drawing and painting, all in the same afternoon; so, flexibility, patience and creative problem solving are essential.
Posted 7/26/19

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Workforce Development Coordinator
PF Bresee Foundation, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Summary: Reporting to the High School/College Program Director, the Workforce Development Coordinator oversees Bresee’s career development programs for low-income teens, including implementation of in-house paid internship programs, and facilitating placements in summer externship opportunities. The Workforce Development Coordinator develops and maintains relationships with outside businesses and nonprofit organizations to create hands-on early workforce development opportunities for low-income teens, creating pathways to future success.
Posted 6/24/19

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Youth Technology Clubhouse Program Manager
Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, Charlestown, MA, USA

Summary: Major responsibilities include oversight of all aspects of the BGCB Technology Program (planning, implementation and ongoing evaluation of quality and developmentally appropriate programming within the club”s technology program area for youth ages 6-18). Maintaining all member computers in all program areas throughout the club ensuring computers are operational and able to be used by members. Additional responsibilities include the supervision of program staff, department budget, program support to other clubhouse program areas, and the training of BGCB staff and other stakeholders as appropriate.
Posted 6/14/19

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