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The Clubhouse Network seeks talented professional staff who are motivated by our mission and committed to youth, creative self-expression, and global community. We value professionalism, opportunity, and diversity in our workplace, and are proud of our reputation as a safe haven for youth, a reputation that has been earned over 25+ years of working in under-served communities around the world.

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Request for Proposal: Graphic Design Services
The Clubhouse Network, Roxbury, MA, USA

Summary: The Clubhouse Network will design and publish a toolkit that can be a resource for the entire Clubhouse community ensuring different cultures and experiences are represented in case studies, needs and voices. This toolkit will provide vital information and best practices from TCN staff, Clubhouses from around the world and youth. The YLC Toolkit will serve as a model for Clubhouses to refer to when creating a youth council that truly fits the needs of their Clubhouse, members and community. The toolkit will center the experiences, expertise, and best practices of the community it impacts. Priority for contribution and selection of resources, case studies and templates will be from IMPACTS sites that already have a youth leadership group or roles as well as a diverse range of pre-identified sites that receive mini-grant funding from The Clubhouse Network. The toolkit will consist of a 15-20 page PDF that can be printed and featured on our website. The PDF will serve as a companion guide to an online resource hub featured and curated on Clubhouse Connect. The PDF will include the sections listed in the project scope description and contain live links (on digital platforms) to some resources for further reading. To continue to respond to the changing nature of Youth Leadership Council formation and best practices, the resource hub will expand as more sites around the Network develop councils. The PDF should exist as one complete document and also be broken into separate PDF chapters so we can post chapters in separately.

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