Interested in youth, creative self-expression, and global community?

The Clubhouse Network seeks talented professional staff who are motivated by our mission and committed to youth, creative self-expression, and global community. We value professionalism, opportunity, and diversity in our workplace, and are proud of our reputation as a safe haven for youth, a reputation that has been earned over 25+ years of working in under-served communities around the world.

Current Openings

The Clubhouse Network Professional Development Events Manager
The Clubhouse Network, Roxbury, MA, USA

Summary: The Clubhouse Network Professional Development Events Manager will be responsible for developing, planning, and overseeing implementation of the Clubhouse Network’s Annual Conference event, designing agenda, interacting with external vendors, arranging registration, greeting participants, handling inquiries and issues, managing budget, and ensuring that all the logistics are in place to ensure a smoothly run program. They will also organize and lead a week-long Clubhouse orientation program (3-4/year) for all new staff from around the world, as well as other events on behalf of The Clubhouse Network. They will also assess the professional development needs of the Clubhouse community and recommend resources and programs in response to those needs. Additionally, the Professional Development Manager will serve as geographic liaison to 15-20 community-based Clubhouses in a specific region, ensuring each site has the support it needs to meet quality standards of the Clubhouse learning model, and providing guidance as needed. In that capacity they will also provide support to new Clubhouses to ensure a strong start-up process and successful launch.
Posted 1/23/20

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Evaluation and Impact Program Manager
The Clubhouse Network, Roxbury, MA, USA

Summary: The Clubhouse Network Evaluation Program Manager will design and support the ongoing evaluation and assessment processes of The Clubhouse Network to ensure the Clubhouse’s impact on youth is effectively captured and communicated. They will work collaboratively with funders, community partners, and evaluation providers to ensure Clubhouses and The Clubhouse Network as a whole have the resources needed for continuous self-improvement.
Posted 1/13/20

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Technology Program Manager
Berkshire Partners Blue Hill Boys and Girls Club, Dorchester, MA, USA

Summary: Major responsibilities include oversight of all aspects of the BGCB Technology Program (planning, implementation and ongoing evaluation of quality and developmentally appropriate programming within the club”s technology program area for youth ages 6-18). Maintaining all member computers in all program areas throughout the club ensuring computers are operational and able to be used by members. Additional responsibilities include the supervision of program staff, department budget, program support to other clubhouse program areas, and the training of BGCB staff and other stakeholders as appropriate.
Posted 10/31/19

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