Alumni Spotlight: Jordan Daley, C2C Participant and Future Mentor

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A Flagship Clubhouse Alum shares reflections from his C2C experience and his aspirations for the International Clubhouse Alumni Network

Flagship Alum Jordan Daley Stands in front of The Flagship Clubhouse in Roxbury, MA
Flagship alum Jordan Daley stands in front of The Flagship Clubhouse in Roxbury, MA

Jordan Daley, 18, has been coming to The Flagship Clubhouse since he was ten years old. He first walked in when he walked by the Museum of Science and saw a big floating shark. Naturally, he had to go in to see what it was all about. He met coordinators from the Clubhouse and, because of their support, kept coming back for the next eight years. Now at eighteen, he looks forward to peer mentoring in the Clubhouse, continuing with the Clubhouse-to-Career/College (C2C) Pathways program and entering into the Alumni Network when he turns nineteen.

During his time at the Clubhouse, Jordan enjoyed stop-animation where he spent many hours working on projects with other members. Above all, he loved composing classical and contemporary music in the music studio. As a mentor, Jordan plans to come back to provide music theory workshops to other members and inspire them to create their own music scores.

“Find something you’re comfortable with, try a lot of new things, and return to what you love.”

Jordan still participates in the C2C Pathways program, a college and career prep program, where he completed an internship at Best Buy. Jordan says, “the experience gave me a greater sense of independence and leadership.” At the end of the full-time internship, Jordan gave a presentation on how Best Buy can improve its operations at its store in Dorchester, MA.

Jordan shared his aspirations for our growing alumni program: “I envision opportunities for alumni to travel to other Clubhouses to mentor and share their talents for a day; opportunities for collaborative projects online, job opportunities, internships, and other partnerships; opportunities for networking to build foundations for other alumni like me.”

The Clubhouse Network looks forward to welcoming Jordan and other emerging alumni into its International Clubhouse Alumni Network in the next year!

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