Sebrine Abdulkadir Found Her Voice at Gum Springs Clubhouse

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Photo of Sebrine in her graduation cap and gown

Sebrine Abdulkadir joined The Gum Springs Community Center Clubhouse in Alexandria, VA, USA when she was in 8th grade and recently graduated from the University of Mary Washington. Read about her college experience and future plans below.

My name is Sebrine Abdulkadir and recently I graduated with a bachelors degree from the University of Mary Washington (UMW). I majored in International Affairs with a minor in Social Justice. During my time at UMW I was quite active. For the first two years, I was vice president of my class. Afterward, I became the founder of a club named Political Poets which provided a safe place for students to artistically express themselves on social issues. I was also the vice president of African Student Union, a member of my step team and an alumni-student ambassador. My interests for student involvement and social justice could not have been realized without the support of The Clubhouse at Gum Springs.

I had a unique high school experience by being a part of The Clubhouse.

In the eighth grade, I met Ms. Jyll Turner, Cross Regional Technology Program Manager at Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services, and former Clubhouse Coordinator in Fairfax, VA. She recruited me to be a part of The Clubhouse. There, I found my voice by participating in activities and programs such as podcasting, “Responsible Social Media,” “60 Seconds to Change the World,” and more. I partook in numerous projects. It wasn’t until I went to college that I realized I had a unique high school experience by being a part of The Clubhouse. I was given an opportunity to learn more about the world and given access to technology most kids didn’t have. Most importantly, I gained a mentor and cheerleaders. The Clubhouse saw potential in me that most of my teachers in high school didn’t. Or better yet, it showed me how to utilize my full potential. I volunteered a lot at The Clubhouse, too.

Most importantly, I gained a mentor and cheerleaders.

I’m proud to announce I will be a Peace Corps volunteer in Botswana this coming July. Ms. Jyll wrote my referral letter. I will be a Civil Society Volunteer working on HIV prevention and advocacy programs. I will be working with non-government organizations in organizational development which will also include starting youth clubs to effectively educate teens on HIV prevention methods. I am completely convinced I had an upper hand on my peace corps application because of my experience with The Clubhouse. I’ll be using my skills and my voice!

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