Engage Your Youth in STEM Learning

Bring The Clubhouse’s proven learning model to your organization.

Out of school STEM educators learn to create a paper circuit

THE CATALYST INITIATIVE is a way for The Clubhouse Network to bring “Clubhouse-like” practices to non-Clubhouse settings such as schools, libraries, and other out-of-school time programs. Projects take a variety of forms including grant-funded projects, consulting arrangements, and facilitated workshops. Current initiatives include:

  • Workshops & Conference Presentations: Network staff are presenting the Clubhouse Learning Model and activities from our latest book Start Making! A Guide to Engaging Young People in Maker Activities for a variety of audiences – out-of-school time practitioners, librarians, teachers, and more. If you are interested in a workshop, contact us using the information below.
  • Clubhouse Camps: The Clubhouse Network is excited to bring our engaging Clubhouse Camps to YOUR organization. Clubhouse Camps are week-long summer workshops for children featuring hands-on technology for learners of all skill levels. Children will learn STEAM concepts as well as collaboration skills that they’ll use throughout their life. Our programs are intended for children 8 and older and work best with those 14 and younger. Learn more.
  • Rincónes Clubhouses: The Clubhouse Network is providing the Republic of Panama’s Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (SENACYT) with technical assistance to introduce Clubhouse ideas and activities in some of the 200+ InfoPlazas community technology centers around the country. Learn more.

Clubhouse campers build a circuit
The Clubhouse Network frequently receives inquiries from educators who are looking for ways to inspire students through innovative uses of technology to support learning. Establishing a full-fledged Clubhouse is not appropriate for many of them, but all of them are interested in new possibilities for “STEAM” (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) learning and how best to engage young people – in particular from underserved communities – in meaningful and relevant ways.

We are glad to work with you to bring hands-on, learner-centered STEAM activities to your organization. If you are interested in partnering with us, please complete this brief form so we can learn more about you.

Contact Stephanie Rosario, Catalyst Program Manager with any questions.