While un- and under-employment of young adults from low-income communities is disproportionately high, businesses often struggle to find qualified candidates—especially from underrepresented groups—to fill open positions in the STEM workforce. With its focus on professional technology tools and life skills valued in the workforce (problem-solving, initiative, collaboration), The Clubhouse holds a unique position to respond to these challenges. C2C (Clubhouse-to-Career) Pathways to Success draws on Clubhouse expertise to support the global need for a trained and ready workforce, in particular in STEM fields.

BEST BUY TEEN TECH CENTERS IN 7 U.S. COMMUNITIES have been selected to create C2C Pathways programming at their sites in 2017-18. Building on lessons learned from an R&D program, C2C Pathways to Success programs will provide selected youth with the opportunity to focus on a specific area of technology (e.g., web development, tech support, graphic design), develop their workforce readiness skills, and gain real-world work experience through an internship placement. Staff will follow up regularly with C2C Pathways to Success participants to provide career guidance and advice during the internship and beyond.


  • Most youth reported that they were more prepared to apply for a job (filling out a job application and gaining interview experience) and were better at speaking up for themselves in the workplace by the end of the program.
  • Many respondents especially valued the work experience they gained.
  • All supervisor respondents would recommend C2C Pathways to another employer and would go to The Clubhouse to find youth workers.
  • 100% of youth respondents would recommend C2C Pathways to a friend.


The C2C Pathways program helped me advance my technology skills as well as gain work experience. Anyone would be lucky to have this opportunity.

I would recommend this program because it gives people the chance to explore new opportunities and may inspire them to get out of their comfort zone.

I would recommend this program to a friend because I learned so much from being in the program and it taught me skills that I can incorporate in both everyday life and in the future.


I like this program. I think it’s really amazing to let youth have a real [work] experience.

The interns who worked in my program always came in ready to work and were very interested in learning. They were an asset to the program and I would love to have them back.

If you are interested in learning more about C2C Pathways To Success partnership opportunities, please contact Aviva Baff, C2C Pathways Program Manager at abaff@theclubhousenetwork.org.