The Clubhouse Network biennial Teen Summits will be held in person on a regional basis for 2024.

Regional Teen Summits are held for youth leaders to participate in projects designed to address issues through creativity and technology. Goals include:

  • TSEncourage youth to apply the skills they have developed in The Clubhouse to educational and career paths.
  • Build leadership, communication, and teamwork.

2024 Theme: Virtual Renaissance: Building the World We Deserve
We’re developing resources, challenges, and community-building opportunities to create an inclusive and engaging experience for all. We are committed to providing exciting experiences that will leave a lasting impact on our community. Reach out to your Geographic Liaison for more information.

Youth feedback after attending Teen Summit:

96% of youth participants say they now have confidence to do things they didn’t think they could achieve before.

95% have more respect for people of other cultures, races, or ethnic groups.

91% are more aware of tools, materials, and resources for making, coding, and engineering.

Please contact Charlotte Huffman, Youth Leadership Program Manager, with any questions about Regional Teen Summits this year.


Teen Summits are not possible without the contributions and support of many sponsors.


For more information about becoming a sponsor, please email Beth Toolan, Senior Development Manager.