The office of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has offered their assistance to The Clubhouse Network in advocating for visas for members and staff attending Teen Summit 2016. Elizabeth Gervacio, a staffer in Senator Warren’s office, recommends that visa applications should be supplemented by documentation (in English) that shows the applicant has strong ties to their homeland:



In addition to the above documentation, adult chaperones traveling to the Teen Summit can also include the following in their application:

  • Letter from employer
  • Copy of marriage certificate
  • Copies of child(ren)’s birth certificate(s)
  • Copy of title to any property (land, house, car)/copy of rental lease
  • Evidence of a bank account (statements, current balance from the bank, etc.)


You can view and edit sample letters by clicking on the appropriate link(s) above OR CLICK HERE


for the entire list of sample letters.

In the event that a visa application is denied, Senator Warren’s office has offered to write a letter on behalf of the application. In order to have this happen, coordinators should send a COPY of visa application materials to Nina Nolan who will forward them to Ms. Gervacio. Nina will let the coordinator know when she has received confirmation from Ms. Gervacio that the materials have been received that that Senator Warren’s office will write a letter of support on behalf of the applicant. Then the applicant should schedule a new visa appointment and let Nina know when that will be so she can notify Ms. Gervacio. The applicant should bring the full documentation needed (all ORIGINAL visa application materials) to their visa appointment.

Please let Nina know if any issues come up for you during the visa application process and/or during your travel to/from the Teen Summit. Ms. Gervacio has offered to make herself available to help smooth over any issues that come up.

You can contact Nina via email or phone 617-589-0413 (in urgent cases, please call or text Nina’s cell phone 617-955-3759)