A group of youth leaders

A Youth Leadership Council (YLC) can support young people’s personal leadership growth, as well as help ensure that youth voices are represented in a Clubhouse’s decision-making. When youth see themselves as leaders, they are more likely to take on leadership positions in their schools, in their communities, and around the world.


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Youth Leadership Council Toolkit

Cultivating Inclusive Leadership Through Creativity and Technology

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The toolkit offers guidance and templates for launching a Youth Leadership Council at your Clubhouse. It explores topics like Council projects, recruitment, and structure and includes template applications, orientation material, and more. When young people, especially those from marginalized identities, see themselves as leaders and continue to lead change for a more just world, everyone benefits.

Beginners Guide

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Youth Leadership Council Toolkit
A Beginners Guide

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This beginner’s toolkit is designed to guide your Youth Leadership Council program activities. Whether you have an existing Council and it needs a re-boot or you are launching a new Council, we hope this guide will be helpful to you.