Technology Support Associate


Alberto Castro is the Technology Support Associate at The Clubhouse Network in Roxbury, Massachusetts. He works to maintain, diagnose, and repair The Clubhouse Network’s office as well as The Flagship Clubhouse’s technological equipment. Alberto was born and raised in different Boston neighborhoods in Boston, primarily growing up in Dorchester and Roxbury. There, he learned many life skills he uses today to be as successful as he can be, no matter how big or small the task.

Alberto has always been a tinkerer at heart. Growing up, he did not have the means to pursue a career or hobbies centered on tinkering. After meeting many people from different backgrounds through work experiences, he decided that an engineering background would fit his interests. While starting projects at home, such as soldering, he returned to school to obtain an Associate’s Degree in Engineering from Roxbury Community College. While at Roxbury Community College, he took an interest in programming and computer-aided design and studied those subjects through the college and on his own. Alberto strongly believes in life-long learning and encourages people to be life-long learners because knowledge is power.