Community Manager


Mischa Kegan is a musician, visual artist, and youth worker from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Arts in 2008 where he focused on printmaking and sculpture. After college, Mischa moved to Chicago, continued to develop his artistic practice, and became further politicized. He traveled to Seoul, Korea where he taught English for over a year, and confirmed his love of working with young people as well as a love for traveling. Upon arriving back in Minneapolis, Mischa worked as cook, a screen printer, and a teaching artist, and he organized with Community Action Against Racism. He also reconnected with the Walker Art Center through an internship in the Education Department, and eventually as a full time coordinator with the Walker’s Teen Program.

Mischa then opened a Teen Tech Center with the YMCA of the North in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. After 5 years, he accepted a position with the Clubhouse Network! Mischa continues to create and release music, as well as working to push against the systems that separate us.