Advice from Alum to Members: Believe in Yourself

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Salvador Jimenez and another alum work on a project together at the 2018 Clubhouse Alumni Summit

An EXPO Center Alum shares wisdom with current Clubhouse Youth

Salvador Jimenez is an alum of The EXPO Center Clubhouse in Los Angeles, CA, USA. He shares what he learned from The Clubhouse with current members, offering his insight into the opportunities and experiences he had.

Dear Clubhouse Members,

These are unprecedented times we find ourselves in, currently needing—more than ever—your leadership, courage, and intuitive solutions for our communities and collective future. The Clubhouse has always been a great outlet for me to gain knowledge, build transferable skills, and hone my talents in many areas that interest me, either artistically or technically. There are a few things I would like to teach you or remind you of that might help in future endeavors:

Firstly, if you’re joining this program, it is because you or someone in your life truly cares about your development and the impact one motivated young person like you can have on the planet. You are on the right path to success. Just know that your actions will ripple into the future, cascading into further opportunities, and connect you to your desired goal or dream. Be prepared to face challenges head-on and use “failures” as stepping stones for your ultimate benefit and the benefit of others.

“Lift While You Climb”

One thing that I learned to embrace was the idea that there are no real “barriers,” per se, just challenges to overcome. During my visit to The Flagship Clubhouse in Boston, I had the chance to meet and connect with other students and Clubhouse members who shared my passion for Technology and the Arts! We got to visit MIT, Google – Cambridge, stayed at Boston University for the week, and collaborated on interesting projects with one theme: Unity. Keep in mind, we did not all speak the same language. Nevertheless, this was an awesome experience where I found 3 great truths: Nothing is as difficult as we think (just give it a try!), most obstacles are self-taught or environmental, and there is SO much life to live and there are so many things to be grateful for!

Believe me, I know how easy it is to get dissuaded from your own path; stay true to who you are and stay focused on your personal goals, dreams, and passions, but also keep in mind what you naturally do well.

Do not fear the unknown. Embrace yourself and dare to be great!

Salvador JimenezAfter visiting Boston for the first time, I came back a changed person. Without a doubt, I found it much easier to communicate with others from the Middle East, Russia, Africa, and Latin America than I had originally imagined. Although the English language has been propagated throughout the world as one of the standard forms of communication in business, you will find that a kind heart and gentle spirit is all that is needed to humble yourself into listening to other people’s experiences and unique voices.

I am privileged to know and be a part of a wider Clubhouse community that has opened my eyes to all the incredible opportunities just outside our field of vision. It is good to have friends, so do your part in being kind to any and all people you come across. There will inevitably be people you bump shoulders with, but do not let those few people overwhelm your idea of how to properly conduct yourself.

Your success is 100% proportional to the effort you invest.

Salvador JimenezA little bit about Me.

I started my professional career as an intern at EXPO Center in a program called “Summer Youth Job Corps” at the ripe age of 14. Then, the Teen Leadership Program helped me polish my skills as a young, Latino professional through interpersonal communication and critical thinking scenarios. By the time I was 16, I had already been a full-on, fingerprinted City of LA employee. Through one of the seasonal programs at EXPO, I had met a mentor who encouraged me to go to West LA College. From there, I joined a program called ‘Year Up,’ and earned an internship at Snapchat Inc., at age 18. Currently, I am 22 and work for a French advertising company called JCDecaux as a Digital Network Operations Center Technician. I was very fortunate to have had the EXPO Center Clubhouse and mentors there to sponsor and guide my development. Whatever you wish for is already yours—if you truly believe in yourself, you shall achieve it.

3 Major Takeaways:

  1. Stay true to yourself (Know thyself) and find your talents
  2. Volunteer, scout, find challenges and opportunities for yourself. Don’t wait around for destiny to find you
  3. Start an investment portfolio, High-Yield Saving Account, or start saving your money for possible business ideas you’ll have later on in life. You’ll thank me later!

If you’re a former Clubhouse member, tell us what you’re up to!