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Navigating your job search, budgeting, online learning, and other challenges during the pandemic

Whether you are navigating virtual college classes, working from home, on the front lines helping people in need, or experiencing job loss, we’ve collected some resources that you can use today to prepare for the future.

Career Resources:

Job Searching During COVID-19

“Job seeking is stressful under the best circumstances. The ongoing uncertainty related to the coronavirus pandemic can make the prospect of looking for work feel almost hopeless, but job experts say you shouldn’t give up.”

Here are some helpful tips to help you prepare:

    1. There are still jobs available.
    2. Take care of your mental health.
    3. Don’t forget to activate your network.
    4. Get noticed through your resume.
    5. Be prepared for video interviews.

How to Avoid ‘Working from Home’ Burnout

“How can employees continue to compartmentalize their work and non-work lives, given the extraordinary situation that so many of us are in today? How can we ‘leave our work at the door’ if we are no longer going out the door? What can employers, managers, and coworkers do to help one another cope?”

How to Keep Working When You’re Just Not Really Feeling it

“Effective self-motivation is one of the main things that distinguishes high-achieving professionals from everyone else. So how can you keep pushing onward, even when you don’t feel like it?”

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Join the Gig Economy

“As many people are adapting themselves to staying at home routine, joining the freelance workforce can offer financial stability, flexible working hours, and, most importantly, sanity. Freelancers have more freedom to work and provide services globally. Want to go for freelancing?”

Re-tooling Your Budget for COVID-19? 5 Smart Steps to Take Now

“Here are five steps you can take right now to manage your budget wisely while awaiting a return to something like normalcy.”

Education Resources:

College classes: 9 Tips for People Taking Classes Online

“Within recent days, almost 300 colleges and universities have canceled or postponed in-person classes, and scores more will likely follow as the coronavirus continues to spread. Whether you are a college or high school student, or an employee who would normally attend in-person workshops, it’s likely that you’ll be thrust into the world of remote learning immediately and with little preparation.”

Free and Discounted Ed Tech Tools for Online Learning During Coronavirus Pandemic

“Some companies are making their paid services free through the rest of the school year; others are lifting limits to services and/or adding premium features to what’s free.”

Where to Get Free WiFi for Students During COVID-19

“To help your institution reach students who may lack broadband connectivity, here’s a list of wireless networking options they may be able to take advantage of.”

Global Resources for a Collaborative Response to COVID-19:

Participate in a Global Design Challenge

COVID-19 Communication Inspiration Challenge: How Might we Rapidly Inform and Empower Communities Around the World to Stay Safe and Healthy During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

Visit IDEO’s site to stay informed about the different challenges they post to build inclusive solutions to global issues.

Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

COVID-19 Resources

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