Alumni Spotlight: Aldair Obando, Music Producer and Director

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Aldair Obando, right, gives music production advice.

I wouldn’t have done any of this if it wasn’t for The Clubhouse.

Aldair Obando is an accomplished music producer, director, DJ, and Clubhouse alum. He first visited Clubhouse Fe y Alegria, located in the school where his mother worked in Panamá City, Panamá. He attended the school and word of The Clubhouse traveled around the school. He was invited in one day and was shy at first. He was quiet and began by working by himself, but eventually saw others collaborating on projects. He says, “I opened up and became more willing to share; I interacted with others more.” He began exploring his interests and realized he had skills to build on. “I didn’t know how to do anything at first but I knew I liked it,” he says. He worked with Serafin Blis, Clubhouse coordinator and mentor. “I learned it all in a place with a green table where the creativity flows.”

Aldair Obando leads a workshop on music production at a recent Clubhouse gathering for Latin America-based Clubhouse staff and alum.
Obando, front of the classroom, leads a workshop on music production at a recent gathering for Latin America-based Clubhouse staff and alum.

Now, Aldair dedicates his life to music, producing and recording music, and DJing a variety of live events. Music-related business most often comes his way. He’s known for his talents in music video production. “I take an idea and break it down,” he says. He handles everything from the vision for the video and the logistics of production. When it comes to promotion, he’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and handle all of the media outreach and other business work himself. He says, “It’s all a part of musical production and I dedicate myself to all of it and that’s what I do.”

Aldair hopes that all Clubhouse youth take full advantage of the opportunities The Clubhouse provides. The Clubhouse community was instrumental in helping him discover his interests in life. He says, “they taught me skills; and what’s more important, the values I learned. They taught me how to be disciplined and develop a habit.” Aldair appreciates the adults in The Clubhouse that gave their time and energy to youth. He also gets excited when thinking about the access to tools and global network. He says “You can make connections and build community.” Aldair used The Clubhouse Village, a private online community for Clubhouse members around the world, to collaborate on a song with members from another Clubhouse. He was excited to learn that other members were listening to their song. He says, “Whatever your interests are, let them guide you because anything is possible.”

Whatever your interests are, let them guide you because anything is possible.

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