Alumni Spotlight: Judith Guerrero, Former Member and Current Mentor

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This alum took advantage of all that Clubhouse membership had to offer. Now she mentors.

Judith works with a ListoAmerica member on a project
Judith (left) works with a ListoAmerica member on a project.

Judith Guerrero started coming to The Clubhouse @ ListoAmerica in Tustin, CA, USA when she was fourteen years old. As a first-generation student whose native language was not English, she was looking for extra help with her school assignments. After finding a supportive community at the Clubhouse at ListoAmerica, she began to thrive.

My self-confidence, team-building skills, leadership skills, tech skills, and people skills grew exponentially over time to the point that even Bill [the Founder of ListoAmerica] started calling me ‘La Jefa’ which translates to ‘The Boss.’

Judith’s leadership led her to be chosen to represent the ListoAmerica Clubhouse at Teen Summit where she collaborated with youth from all over the world. Judith recants, “I’m really grateful for this specific opportunity in general since my family never had the means to be able to take me outside of Orange County, let alone out of state. Being able to go from California all the way to Massachusetts is still the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced.” She keeps in contact with several participants from Jordan and Costa Rica.

Karla, Gustavo, and Judith of ListoAmerica
Karla, Gustova Madrigal, and Judith Guerrero collaborate to mentor and support members at ListoAmerica in Tustin, CA, USA.

Judith is currently an accounting student at Irvine Valley College. She enjoys mentoring in the Clubhouse and encouraging members to explore their interests, keep asking questions, and keep learning.

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