Flagship Clubhouse Named a Finalist for Social Innovation Accelerator

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The Social Innovation Forum (SIF) is pleased to announce the 2019 Finalists for the Social Innovator Accelerator.

The Social Innovation Forum (SIF) plays a critical role in the social impact community by educating, engaging, and connecting resource providers (funders, investors, and volunteers) and on-the-ground leaders of nonprofit organizations and social impact businesses. Each year, the Social Innovation Forum (SIF) selects a cohort of Social Innovators through a six-month evaluation process that brings together a range of stakeholders, including funders, practitioners, and leaders from business and academia. Once selected, Social Innovators receive 24 months of focused support from SIF and its partners, including consulting, executive coaching, and presentation advising.

These 33 Massachusetts-based nonprofits are working across a range of social issue areas – from environmental justice, to supporting immigrant families, to ensuring success for young people with disabilities. They represent some of the most important and innovative social impact work taking place in our region.

Over 160 applications were submitted to enter into the Social Innovation Accelerator, the 24-month capacity-building program of the Social Innovation Forum. The Flagship Clubhouse is honored to be a finalist in for this prestigious opportunity.