Freakonomics Radio Speaks to Clubhouse Network Co-Founder Mitchel Resnick

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The Freakonomics radio show and podcast seeks to “Discover the hidden side of everything.” Show host Stephen J. Dubner recently spoke to Michel Resnick, co-founder of the Clubhouse program and a member of The Clubhouse Network’s Board of Directors.

The interview was a part of series of episodes exploring “How to Be Creative.” In the series, they “talk to the researchers who study it as well as artists, inventors, and pathbreakers who live it every day.” Resnick helps explain the challenges of measuring creativity. “What we need to do is to focus more on trying to assess the things we value rather than valuing the things that are most easily assessed.”

Creativity is a core value in every one of our 100 Clubhouses around the world. Our approach to learning is designed to empower youth from all backgrounds to become more capable, creative, and confident learners.

In discussing the Lifelong Kindergarten program and his guiding principles, Resnick says “We feel that the best way to support kids developing as creative thinkers and developing their creative capacities is to engage them in working on projects based on their passions in collaboration with peers in a playful spirit.”

Listen to the episode on Apple Podcast, Stitcher, or read a transcript on the Freakonomics website.

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