International Women’s Day 2021: Building Leaders Today

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International Women's Day

March 8 is International Women’s Day (IWD), a day to honor and reflect on the progress made on women’s rights, and a day to amplify the calls to end gender inequality globally. It serves as a reminder that throughout the year we must be committed to celebrating and lifting up the women in The Clubhouse community: our staff, members, mentors, and coordinators. We applaud our Clubhouses for all that they do to support young women by providing access to the tools and resources to explore their interests and express themselves. And, we know that there is still so much more to be done. Our Clubhouses and our youth have the power to eliminate inequality and advance women’s rights.

This year’s IWD theme is “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.” Women are on the frontline of the pandemic battle as health sector workers, scientists, doctors, and caregivers, though we know they will get paid less and receive less recognition than their male peers. These disparities are unacceptable. We owe it to our youth to address these inequities now, and to fight for a just future where women are not just leaders, but where they are afforded all of the benefits and respect of being a leader. When women lead, everyone wins. It is our responsibility to build those leaders today in our Clubhouses.

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