Introducing the 2021 Tech Fellows

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Professional Development at the intersection of social justice, creative learning, and technology

As part of The Clubhouse Network’s commitment to professional development, we’ve launched a new fellowship for The Clubhouse’s professional community. The Tech Fellows program provides Clubhouse staff with the learning experience to merge interdisciplinary skills training, technology, and practical experience. At the intersection of social justice, creative learning, and technology, our Tech Fellows program will give Coordinators the opportunity to develop learning experiences within their Clubhouse, while also serving as mentors to coordinators around the global Network.

Tech Fellows will gain exposure to the varied uses of technology, integration, and community building to deepen understanding of the systematic barriers that prevent marginalized communities from accessing technologies and how The Clubhouse Network can help bridge that gap.

All Clubhouse staff were eligible to apply. Out of an impressive candidate pool, three fellows were selected for their drive for innovation, education, and equity. These individuals held a deep interest in the Clubhouse Learning Model and sought to explore deeper implementation strategies.

Meet the inaugural cohort of fellows:

Cherie Chillin’ Kabba, Clubhouse Coordinator
The Clubhouse @ Redwood City Boys & Girls Club
Redwood City, CA, USA

Cherie Chillin' KabbaCherie Chillin’ Kabba is an award-winning poet and the Technology Director for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula in Redwood City, California. She joined The Clubhouse Network in 2007, in Tucson, AZ. In 2009, she relocated to California to serve as the Computer Clubhouse Coordinator at the Boys & Girls Club in South San Francisco. In 2011 she became a lead educator for Adobe Youth Voices and a liaison educator for Google. Shortly after, she became the Intel Clubhouse Coordinator in East Palo Alto, where she facilitated tech workshops for six years. Her project, The City that Speaks, created with 4th-6th graders, was showcased at the Bay Area Maker Faire and is featured in the Start Making Guide published by The Clubhouse Network in 2014. In 2015, Chillin took a break for three years to launch The Soultown Magazine, returning to the network three years later in 2018. She has traveled to Dublin, Ireland, and Munich, Germany, to train youth developers in digital multi-media and the art of spoken word. She has an AAA degree in Graphic Communications, a BS in Business, an MBA, and as her love grew for technology, she earned a Masters in Information Systems.

She resides in Mountain View, California, and is the mother of two daughters, and has two grandchildren.

Galen Shoe, Clubhouse Coordinator
The Gold Crown Clubhouse @ Edgewater
Edgewater, CO, USA

Galen ShoeGalen Shoe is an experienced Artist and Educator working to serve the public through workshops, creative coaching, and content creation. His dedication to improving the lives of others has guided him to work in the non-profit arts and education field for over 15 years. He takes pride in providing opportunities for the community to express their creative voices through public murals, workshops, and online platforms. As a Coordinator for the International Clubhouse Network, he strives to help youth design, explore, and create projects based on their own personal interests and passions. He is honored to work with the Gold Crown Foundation which supports the wellbeing of youth through sports and enrichment programs. Currently, his goals include creating a community podcast, an online library of creative tutorials, and a graphic novel to educate and inspire future generations of caring, compassionate, lifelong learners.

Gustavo Madrigal, Mentor Coordinator
The Clubhouse @ ListoAmerica Tustin
Tustin, CA, USA

Gustavo MadrigalGustavo Madrigal is an Educational Technologist for the ListoAmerica Clubhouse in Southern California. After discovering a love for creative learning experiences he began working with teens and adults in helping them learn, discover, and express themselves through the use of technology. Gustavo holds a Masters in Educational Multimedia from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, where he has also served as an adjunct instructor. His main focus is on the use of augmented and virtual reality for learning, training, and creative expression. When he’s not working on ed-tech, Gustavo enjoys reading, cooking, practicing cardistry, and has a large collection of playing cards.