Network Expands, Welcoming First Clubhouse in Japan

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The Clubhouse Network Partners with Code For Everyone and Kaga City Government to Open First Clubhouse in Japan

Kaga City – We recently welcomed Code For Everyone (みんなのコード) and the government of Kaga City to The Clubhouse Network.  On May 25, 2019, The Clubhouse at Kaga City in Japan held its grand opening at the City Innovation Center. As a member of The Clubhouse Network, this center joins our international community of more than 100 Clubhouses located in 19 countries, providing youth with life-changing opportunities for 25 years. This Clubhouse is the first in Japan and aims to address the country’s growing skills gap. As in many countries, employers in Japan are looking for skills that youth are not gaining through traditional schooling.

“It’s an honor to welcome Code For Everyone and Kaga City to The Clubhouse Network,” said Gail Breslow, Executive Director. “I’m thrilled that such a strong local community organization is taking the lead in providing a warm, welcoming learning space for young people to express themselves creatively, build skills, and prepare themselves for the future.”

Kaga City Clubhouse Grand Opening

Yuta Tonegawa, Director of Code For Everyone, expressed his commitment to access. He said “We want to create a place where children can enjoy programming and other technology by launching the first Clubhouse in Japan where technology can be accessed for free outside of school.”

Kaga City Mayor Riku Miyamoto spoke at the Grand Opening, acknowledging that many students receive computer science education in school, but there is a need for more. He said, “There is also a need to have the opportunity to show children’s curiosity and creativity outside the school.”

Code For Everyone Director Tuya Tonegawa and Kaga City Mayor Riku Miyamoto
Code For Everyone Director Yuta Tonegawa (left) and Kaga City Mayor Riku Miyamoto (right)

Like other Clubhouses, this new space offers youth access to technology for programming, film making, music production, graphic design, and more, with the support of adult staff and mentors who serve as role models.

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