Tacoma Clubhouse Alum Simone Gates-Wiggins Looks to Give Back

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Simone Gates-Wiggins is an alum of The Tacoma Clubhouse in Tacoma, Washington. She says that The Clubhouse provided access to her and taught her that she was worthy. She says she learned that “if there is something out there in the world that I want to do but that feels impossible that I can still just go for it.”

I think the biggest thing that I took away from The Clubhouse was that I am worthy.

She recently completed a masters in Intercultural Communication as well as a public relations and marketing internship for a tech startup.

Five years from now, Simone sees herself in a communications role with a mission-driven company or organization. The Clubhouse made an impact on her life and she would like to pay it forward. “I would like to dedicate the skills that I’ve learned from The Clubhouse into the same type of movement.”

I just think we need to lift each other up.

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