We are now accepting session proposals for the 2020 Annual Conference. This is open only to conference attendees.

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This year our theme is: “Deepening our Commitment to Inclusive Youth Leadership.”

Last year at Annual Conference our theme explored ways to build a diverse and inclusive creative community in our Clubhouses, in our organizations, and in our communities.  This year we recognize that the conversation we began is not – nor will ever be — complete. In particular, we’re interested in exploring the ways our Clubhouse programs and initiatives across the Network can support youth to see themselves as leaders and can advocate for equity and inclusion in our communities.

We’d like to consider: 

  • How are your current programs and initiatives promoting inclusivity, equity and empowerment with Members, in your spaces and in communities?  Where are the gaps?
  • How are Clubhouses and Teen Tech Centers inspiring young people to take an active role in solving problems and building their capacity and skills to lead movements for change now and in the future?
  • What are the ways staff and mentors can be allies to Members and help amplify their voices?
  • How do we all help youth navigate barriers to embracing leadership roles such as microaggressions, marginalization and lack of representation?
  • What challenges are you facing as you work create to create programming that reflects diverse voices and develops the leadership and empowerment of your young people?

Please consider submitting a proposal for a 60 minute, 90 minute or full/half-day post conference session that relates to the conference theme.

Sessions should also be in the spirit of our objectives for the conference, which are:

  • Share experiences with others around the Network
  • Present content in a format that is Clubhouse-like – interactive and supporting different learning styles
  • Explore innovative and cutting-edge technologies in a hands-on way
  • Learn about new program opportunities and explore ways to deepen the Clubhouse experience for youth.
  • Build camaraderie and community across the global Clubhouse Network

Complete this form to propose a session

Session proposals are due February 3, 2020.