Alumni Gather for The Clubhouse @ FARO de Oriente’s 16th Anniversary

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Alexis Ponce, Daniel Ventura, and Miguel Bolaños share their experience as Clubhouse Members at The Clubhouse @ FARO de Oriente in Mexico City and suggest how other alumni can give back to their Clubhouses. In a live interview with Christine Monska, Youth Leadership Program Manager, and René Milet Hernández, Evaluation and Impact Manager/Latin America Geographic Liaison, the three alumni share their experience below.

They use skills learned in the Clubhouse in their careers

Daniel Ventura continues to make music and do audio production. He says, “initially my relationship to the Clubhouse was technological. I was studying computer science, but at The Clubhouse there was a music studio which opened up the dimension of audio. I discovered that was my passion and what I dedicate myself to. I went to university to study music and audio production.”

Flyer for gather for The Clubhouse @ FARO de Oriente’s 16th Anniversary
Alexis Ponce, Daniel Ventura, and Miguel Bolaños spoke at an alumni gathering for The Clubhouse @ FARO de Oriente’s 16th Anniversary.

While a Clubhouse Member, Miguel Bolaños was interested in audio-visual design, animation, and 3D design. He now uses these skills in his job. “Thanks to the Clubhouse, I have a good job and continue to grow. I owe a lot to the Clubhouse.”

Alexis Ponce chose a career in journalism where he uses video editing, video recording, and musical projects in his job. The cross-cultural interaction with other Clubhouse Members and international reach of the Clubhouse Network broadened his horizons and elevated his profile. “The Clubhouse has influenced my life 1000%. One thing that has a lot of influence is the international projection. I was able to go to California two times. I also learned more about media in other countries. This allows you to have a different presence.”

They Share how the Clubhouse Network can best support them

  • We are making a documentary film and want to offer segments in different languages. We would love to have a repository to upload work and share it. Asking for collaborators or consultants internationally. Opportunities for international travel to meet with collaborators.
  • Workshops where alumni can provide knowledge to current members. Being able to motivate members to try something new and follow their passion. Compensation ($100) or technology to those alumni giving courses.
  • Regional alumni convenings
  • Additional social media channels like Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and Vimeo

Alumni Stay Connected

Alexis, Daniel, and Miguel all continue to stay connected with their Clubhouse and the International Clubhouse Alumni Network. Alexis noted, “having this really powerful family is so important. It’s a creative nucleus. Even though it might sound utopian, it would be amazing for more Clubhouses to do this around the country.”

“We arrive as a student and leave as family. The connection between us and the Clubhouse persists.”– Alexis Ponce

If you’re a Clubhouse alum, tell us what you’re up to!