Celebrating Black Youth Voices During Black History Month

Categorized: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Video

February is Black History Month. Black history is American history and should be learned and celebrated all year round. We affirm that it’s important that all youth know that they have role models and to celebrate those whose art, imaginations, and voices impact the world all around us today. People of Color have always been scientists, mathematicians, musicians, and creative forces to be reckoned with. We owe to our youth the work of expanding and correcting our existing understandings of history and giving credit where it is due.

Our youth are always creating, innovating, and using their talents in new and imaginative ways. Many are incorporating aspects of their culture, drawing on their backgrounds, and celebrating Black history throughout the year. During Black History Month and all year round, we lift up and celebrate Black youth voices.

Listen to “Hold Your Crown” by Naje W. from The Best Buy Teen Tech Center @ HOPE Community in Minneapolis. This song was a RE@CH Media Festival “Music” Category Winner in the Judges Selection.

Naje says, “This song was put together by 3 young women, who decided to make a song about Black Beauty. Through all the negativity being spoken around being African American such as police brutality, social justice, equality, and equity. We wanted to encourage young black people to stay positive and to remember our worth and beauty. To stay unified and have perseverance through these hard times.”