How Clubhouses Are Serving Teens During COVID-19

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Clubhouses Support Youth Remotely

Across the Network, Clubhouses Support Youth Remotely

Around the world schools, libraries, and after-school programs are closed as part of distancing efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. Our Clubhouses are no exception, and most have closed their physical doors to comply with government ordinances. And yet, the need for support and community are more important than ever. How can a program dedicated to offering a safe space for youth, providing mentoring, and empowering youth through the creative use of technology, continue to serve teens? With the critical element of physical space temporarily taken away, many Clubhouses have taken the challenge head-on, connecting with their members remotely.

We are incredibly proud of Clubhouse staff for their dedication to youth. Here are some of the ways they are reaching out to teens at this critical time.

No Tech? No problem!

The Ungdomshuset Clubhouse in Odense, Denmark has been offering their members ideas for projects and creative self-expression using everyday household materials. Learn to make slime or a lava lamp with the instructions below.

Explore Free Creative Software

At The Best Buy Teen Tech Center @ Brian Coyle Center in Minneapolis, MN, staff have been creating and sharing video tutorials for popular creative software that can be found online for free. Youth who had been learning to express themselves using Photoshop or Garageband at the Clubhouse might not have access to those particular programs, but they can continue to create and learn those basic tech skills using GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) and Bandlab, completely functional alternatives to what they’ve worked with before–or are just learning to use now!

Live Tutorials

The Taita Clubhouse in Lower Hutt, New Zealand has offered weekly workshops on specific topics, streaming live on Instagram and Facebook. Members with particular interests can get the guidance they need in real-time. And just as importantly, the Clubhouse is providing check-in time for teens to process their feelings and thoughts during this time of physical isolation.

Virtual Reality Meet Ups

The Clubhouse @ ListoAmerica in Tustin, California is experimenting with new technology. Staff hold virtual reality meetups with their youth, building community, and experimenting with software all at once.

Community at the Core

Let’s not mince words: this is incredibly hard. This is hard for our young people who are looking for a place to go and a community to lean on. This is hard for our staff members who are trying to reach out to teens and at the same time dealing with their own personal situations, and that of their families and friends. We at The Clubhouse Network were saddened to postpone our Annual Conference this past April and our Teen Summit in July. However, building community and relationships is integral to what we do, and as a network, we are continuing to do just that. This is just a snapshot of the ways in which Clubhouses are serving teens.

You understand the importance of youth empowerment and preparing young people for the ever-changing workplace of tomorrow. Please consider supporting our work as we continue to support young people during this challenging time.

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