International Equal Pay Day

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Equal Pay

Around the world, women on average earn 20% less than men. Women of color, immigrant women, and women with children earn even less. International Equal Pay Day was created by the United Nations to demand A) Equal pay for equal work, B) An end to systemic barriers, C) Paid parental leave for all, and D) Solidarity against discrimination. Despite some progress, it will take more than two hundred and fifty years until women and men receive equal pay at the rate we are going. Women cannot afford to wait.

At The Clubhouse, we’re doing everything we can to close education, networking, and skills gaps through our Clubhouse-to-Career/College programs, our International Clubhouse Alumni Network, and our day-to-day walk-in programming. Whether it’s targeted programming like Girls Days, guest speakers, or creating a culture of daily inclusion, Clubhouses around the world are supporting young women by granting them access to the tools and resources to explore their interests and express themselves. We prioritize supporting the most marginalized of our communities, including women.

On #EqualPayDay, join the United Nations in demanding equal pay for equal work and nothing less.

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