New Teen Tech Center Opens in Indianapolis

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Two young men sit together at the Indianapolis Teen Tech Center

We recently welcomed our newest partner to The Clubhouse Network. On January 29, a new Best Buy Teen Tech Center at the MLK Center in Indianapolis, IN held its grand opening.  Youth opportunities at the first Teen Tech Center in Indiana include creating art and graphic design; producing music and animation; designing science simulations; writing and illustrating poetry, stories, and film; and developing robotics, 3D applications, and electronic games.

“As more and more jobs require tech skills, it’s crucial for today’s youth to have access to the trainings and tools they need to take advantage of these opportunities,” said Andrea Wood, head of Social Impact at Best Buy. “We value the MLK Center’s commitment to support young people and better prepare them for a tech-reliant future.”

See photos of the new Teen Tech Center’s space


Since 2012, Best Buy has partnered with The Clubhouse Network to bring Best Buy Teen Tech Centers to 21 different U.S. cities, joining a unique Network of 100 Clubhouses around the world. The Clubhouse Network and Best Buy plan to launch 16 Tech Centers in 2019. Best Buy believes that technology can empower people to dream big and accomplish great things. Across the country, many communities lack support and access to the tools and experiences that can unlock a better future and prepare teens for the challenges ahead. As a member of The Clubhouse Network, a Teen Tech Center embraces The Network’s mission and learning model.

Construction of the Tech Center began last August for the state-of-the art facility on the second floor at MLK. The Teen Tech Center is well-aligned with MLK’s mission: To create a meaningful impact on the lives of those we serve, through quality, multi-generational programs that build community, invest in youth, empower families, advocate for our neighbors, and provide a peaceful space to connect. Area teens were involved in the design of the space, says MLK Center Director Allison Luthe. “[They] met with architects and engineers who put together the plans, and helped to interview project coordinator applicants,” she said. “And they’re playing with some of the production equipment now.”

The Best Buy Teen Tech Center at the MLK Center in Indianapolis is now open for youths ages 11 to 24.

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