Start Making! A Guide To Engaging Young People in Maker Activities

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Clubhouses have embraced “making” – the act of engaging in tech-inspired, do-it-yourself (DIY) innovation activities – since the term first came into popular use nearly ten years ago. In 2013, The Clubhouse Network introduced a network-wide initiative sponsored by Intel in partnership with the MIT Media Lab. Through “Start Making!,” financial support and professional development were provided to Clubhouses to foster engineering and DIY “Making” activities in their local communities.

Inspired by these activities and the ways in which they have engaged young people around the world in creating thinking, The Clubhouse Network and the MIT Media Lab have teamed up with Maker Media to publish Start Making! A Guide To Engaging Young People in Maker Activities. With a focus on strategies for stimulating curiosity, discussion, and creative exploration, Start Making! is a full-length book chock-full of photos and examples from Clubhouses around the world, all of which have introduced young people to the basics of circuitry, coding, crafting, and engineering through Making. The goal is to inspire young people everywhere to take the ideas in this book and make them their own.

Book Cover - Make: Start Making! A guide to engaging young people in Maker Activities

Start Making!


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Start Making! A Guide To Engaging Young People in Maker Activities is geared towards educators, youth leaders, and parents, the book offers a series of do-it-yourself activities including:

  • Make paper cards and creations that light up
  • Build music-making projects with a MaKey MaKey board and Scratch
  • Team up to capture light paintings
  • Design and construct 3D sculptures
  • Build a vibrating art bot that makes drawings
  • Work with sewable circuits to create light-up bracelets or bookmarks

Learning by designing, exploring your interests, these are core ideas of the Clubhouse learning model. For over 20 years Clubhouses have been involved in helping young people become Makers, everyone becoming a creator, a designer.

Clubhouse co-founder Mitchel Resnick, MIT Media Lab